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Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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"Kamal Symonette-Dixon's Standup Comedy Reel"
Produced by Dialektic Productions (dba SPOCTV Networks)

Kamal Symonette-Dixon The Philosopher

A gifted thinker from birth, Kamal Symonette-Dixon eventually received his Masters Degree in Philosophy from Columbia University, where while debating with his philosophical colleagues theories advanced by the likes of Wittgenstein, Kamal expounded on his philosophical belief system he first started forming towards the end of his years in high school upon reading T.Z. Lavine's "From Socrates to Sartre: the philosophic Quest" as well as philosophical theories of his own he first conceived of while an undergraduate in college.

Kamal Symonette-Dixon The Comedian:

Yeah, I know I look crazy!  But hey, what artist ain't?  My Melancholy Clown character evolved into my one man show entitled, "ThirdRailHOBO" and I ain't been the same since.  Behold a signature voice in much of my early comedic work!

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