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Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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"Third Rail Hobo"
One Man Show
"ThirdRailHOBO" presents a dynamic production about the life of a homeless street performer who performs comedic sketches and comedic monologues for the straphangers on a subway platform in New York City.  This hilarious, full-length show features "crazy" theatrical pieces and a slew of nutty characters all played by Kamal's homeless street performer as this homeless performer attempts to earn some street performance money.  Using his distinct ability to weave short sketches into a full-length production, Kamal, yet again, creates an exciting buzz in the performing arts scene.  His humorous words, unique delivery, and dynamic physical movements combined with his profound perspective will make you laugh and think simultaneously.


Oprah: Excerpt from Kamal's One Man Show entitled "ThirdRailHOBO"
"ThirdRailHOBO" Written by & Starring Kamal Symonette-Dixon
The Show Below was Produced by Dialektic Productions in the year 2001

A little Show History
"ThirdRailHOBO" debuted during the Summer of 2001 in New York City and had a second run in NYC during the Spring of 2002.  The audience appreciation was heartfelt.  As a result, Kamal continued to perform comedy featured in the show even after its last run!  The crowds that witnessed "ThirdRailHOBO" witnessed something bold and unique.  Their minds were rocked; their funny bones were tickled.  And even talk about this theatrical experience got out, something to the effect of "You got to see this show!"
Audience Testimonial
What a cashier at a store told Kamal after seeing ThirdRailHOBO:"I went to your one man show.  You're a genius.  The right person just has to see're going to be big."