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Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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"I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat"

Written and Directed by
Kamal Symonette-Dixon

Among his various solo as well ensemble-based theatrical credits (Actor/Writer) Kamal Symonette-Dixon wrote, directed, and produced the comedic stage play entitled, "I Love My Wife So I Will Not Cheat".  He managed this entire theatrical production that was presented through a three-day run in February of 2012 through his theater company Topnotch Theater (dba Dialektic Productions, Inc.).  Kamal negotiated the theater booking, managed the budget, coordinated with the technical crew, stage crew, sound and lighting technicians; he chose musical selections produced by Bomani Armah, and coordinated videotaping and rehearsals.  Kamal was a principal actor in the play, and he selected supporting actors and ancillary staff.  Kamal designed the stage presentation, including stage blocking and the selection of props.  Kamal planned promotional advertisement, assisted in the creation of the playbill, and managed grass roots marketing of the play via internet releases, radio advertisements, and promotional material that resulted in a well-received show.