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Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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Pass the Syrup Please . . .  


In the 1970’s there was “The Richard Pryor Show”, in the 90’s there was “In Living Color”, recently there has been “The Dave Chappelle Show, and now there is the newest cutting edge, "urban" sketch comedy troupe on the brink of defining a whole new era of sketch.  The name of this phenomenon is called “KSD’s Chicken & Waffles”.


“KSD’s Chicken & Waffles,” written by, directed by & starring the incredibly hilarious

(Actor/Writer) Kamal Symonette-Dixon, is a new sketch comedy troupe composed of some of NY and LA’s finest actors.  KSD’s Chicken & Waffles was originally a live Los Angeles-based sketch comedy show that debuted in 2005 at the World Famous Friars of Beverly Hills, where star troupe member Kamal Symonette-Dixon, and his zany cast members of “KSD Chicken & Waffles” performed some of Kamal's craziest comedic sketches relative to contemporary society today for packed live audiences who roared with laughter.  In Spring of 2006, EmmyAward winning Red Line Films in collaboration with Kamal's production company Dialektic Productions (dba SPOCTV Networks) taped a television pilot for KSD’s Chicken & Waffles at CBS Studios in LA.

Possibly known as the "Roosters of Sketch Comedy," "KSD's Chicken & Waffles" is not afraid to serve anything that walks or speaks with satire!  Get ready for spoofs on TV Shows, Commercials, Movies, and Celebrity Impersonations.  Then, get a second helping of politics, racism, and sex served with a lampoon of satire extreme.  Then come back to the buffet and see Master Chef, Kamal Symonette-Dixon's latest and craziest character creations including the madcap antics of Charles B. Loitering, III- the Professional Panhandler, Jack Rabbit- the Modern Slave, Jonathan Love Sinclair aka "DL", Pretty Perm- the Broke Pimp, Reverend Cash Flow, BCG- Black Culture Groupie, Samantha Voyeur- The Nosy Talk Show Host, and many many more!  These characters are so hilarious and the comedic sketches of "KSD's Chicken & Waffles" are so creatively edgy and thought provoking that you don't know whether to chuckle or choke on a chicken bone laughing.  It's no doubt that everyone will soon be talking about this show every morning at the water cooler and every recess at the playground!



"KSD's Chicken & Waffles" is reinventing and flipping the craft of sketch comedy!!!