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Kamal Symonette-Dixon

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"KSD's Chicken & Waffles" is the essence of what sketch comedy is all about: Satire, Parody, Social Commentary, and just plain ole Hilarity!  Yet and still, Chicken & Waffles is something comedically new altogether!  The "KSD's Chicken & Waffles" live show debuted in 2005 at the world famous Friars of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, CA.  And within just a year, "KSD's Chicken & Waffles" progressed from a live stage show featured in front of live show audiences to a television pilot at CBS Studios featured in front of a live studio audience.  Whether a theatrical stage or CBS Studios, Kamal and his crew of actors whom Kamal directed brought the house down!  No doubt, "KSD's Chicken & Waffles" is yet another triumph out of the sensational mind of (Actor/Writer) Kamal Symonette-Dixon.  So trust, once you get a taste of "KSD's Chicken & Waffles", ya gonna be begging for a second plate!! 

Below Check out the 11/11/05 debut of "KSD's Chicken & Waffles" live in LA!!  Written and Directed by Kamal Symonette-Dixon.  Well over 300 people came out to witness this debut!